My camera is ... my passport! It gives me entry into worlds that would otherwise be closed to me.

A wedding is... an amazing photographic opportunity.

A ritual is ... anything that marks time for you - from small that you do all the time like a daily walk, or gigantic, that you do only once, like your wedding.

My experience photographing weddings has taught me
... to pace myself.

The best piece advice anyone has ever given me is ... you get what you want but not when you want it. Sylvia Plachy via John Dolan.

The thing that surprises me the most about weddings is ... how each one is different.

The craziest thing I’ve even seen at a wedding was ... when a bride caught the cake in her hands as it was falling over… and it was a very tall cake.

The biggest compliment I’ve ever given anybody was ... I wish I’d taken that picture!

I wish brides wouldn’t worry so much about ... how they look, there is nothing more beautiful than joy.

If I could give every bride and groom one piece of advice it would be ... forget about the camera! I do not like to be photographed and I remember very distinctly right after my own wedding ceremony turning down the aisle, seeing the camera and freezing. I quickly told myself that I had to let how happy I was in that moment go on record. There is a picture from before and after that mental moment and the difference in my face is enormous. A big part of this responsibility is the photographer’s. We have to let the bride and groom know it’s ok to be vulnerable in front of us (since we are basically strangers!) but they do have to do the final letting go.
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